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About us


Our team

Meet the team behind BeamShape!


Petr Mares


Most of his career Petr spent in transmission electron microscopy working in R&D and Product Management for TEM. He contributed to design the unique instrument from the scratch and brought it to market in 2022. 

Petr has a strong background in physics with a focus on surface science, but currently enjoying more the  PM side of things. 




Hynek Stetina


 Has a passion for hardware. He has a master degree from Brno University of Technology, faculty of Microelectronics.

In 2007  he began working for the FEI Czech Republic, which was the largest company in the field of electron microscopy (now acquired by ThermoFisher Scientific).

In 2015 he left the FEI company to start his own business - he co founded company called 3D Print Station. Main focus was in  3D printing services, selling  3D printers and accessories.

This unique combination of knowledge from business, 3D printing and electron microscopy gave birth to the BeamShape idea.